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Hard Stains

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We’ve all been there – you have one moment where your concentration lapses, and you accidentally spill a glass of wine on your carpet or your upholstery. Maddening! Even so, there’s no reason to get too down on yourself, accidents happen. The real issue is what you’re going to do with your blemished fabrics now that the damage has been done. You might think that you’d need to replace the upholstery, rip up the carpet, or simply live with the stain, but that’s not the case – with a stain removal service of the highest quality, you can get your item looking back as good as new once again. At Wasatch Carpet Cleaner, we’ve got a treasure trove of experience when it comes to stain removal, so you’re in safe hands. Learn more about what our team can do for you by reading on below, or by reaching out to our customer service representatives today.

Avoid DIY Solutions

Although it might be tempting to break out your home-stored, over-the-counter cleaning solutions to tackle the stain, it is rarely a good idea. Whether you buy something from your local store or you use a home remedy that you’ve taken from Google, the likelihood is that you’ll do more harm than good. If that happens, it could be even more difficult for a professional service like ours to get rid of the stain later on. Take the prudent course of action and don’t hesitate to call our team in when the stain first occurs.

Types of Stains

It won’t surprise you to hear that stains can result from all sorts of substances and materials. It’s common to see stains caused by coffee, wine, and all sorts of food – and we’ve always managed to deal with these issues successfully in the past. If you’re not sure whether our stain removal service is going to be up to the task, you can always speak to our customer service team to arrange a consultation. We’re confident that, once we see what we’re dealing with, we’ll be able to come up with a solution.

Carpets, Rugs, and Upholstery

There are various items and installations which are particularly vulnerable to stains in your property. Stains can affect carpets, rugs, and furniture upholstery – as well as many other things – and we’re going to be capable of helping you with any of them. By bringing us round to your property, you might be able to save an expensive carpet installation or sofa which might otherwise need to be sent to the landfill. Given how much they cost, that’s obviously the last thing you want to happen.

Scientific Approaches

Our stain removal service isn’t based on hunches or gut feelings – we rely on science. We use fiber analysis to fully understand the material that has been affected, and our analytical skills are equally important for understanding the substance that has caused the stain. For every combination, there’s a solution that will get your item back into its optimal condition – and we’ll find it.

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