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Carpet Cleaning

washing the dirty carpet

Carpets are an excellent choice for all sorts of properties. They’re warm, comfortable, and safe for children – and they certainly raise the living quality in a space. Unfortunately, they do have some downsides. Unlike with a harder floor, carpets can become stained and discolored when spillages occur – and although ordinary, over-the-counter carpet cleaners exist, they’re not always effective at removing these stains. This is particularly the case over wide stretches of carpet too. If it feels like you’re in trouble, don’t worry – you’ve got all the help you need right here. At Wasatch Carpet Cleaner, we provide a professional carpet cleaning service that can get your carpet looking back in its best condition, and you might be surprised at just how cost-effective and affordable a choice this can be for you. To learn more about what we’re offering, simply read on below. For those with lingering doubts or questions, speak to our customer service representatives for clarity.

Restoring Beauty

One of the issues with a carpet installation is that the longer it’s in place in your property, the worse its appearance becomes. It picks up small stains, the color fades thanks to UV exposure, and discoloration isn’t a surprise either. This all happens, even if you’re doing your best to keep your carpet looking happy and healthy, it’s somewhat unavoidable. With the help of a carpet cleaning team, that can all be changed. Our service will get rid of the ill-effects to restore beauty to your carpet. Many of our customers comment on how their carpet looks as good as new once we’re done with it – so that should say it all!

Dirty Installations

Another issue that carpet owners face on a consistent basis is that their carpet acts as a sponge for dirt, debris, dust, and allergens. This isn’t the worst thing, generally speaking, because it can keep these contaminants out of the air in your room, but as the carpet becomes saturated, these impurities begin to filter back out into the room. A top quality carpet cleaning will clear away these pollutants and give you a hygienic space once again.

Carpet Cleaning Techniques

There are many different methodologies when it comes to carpet cleaning, and exactly which one is most suitable for your space will depend on a number of factors. What kind of fibers is your carpet made from? What type of stains are you trying to have removed? Are there are any time limitations attached to the work? Once we have answers to questions like these, we’ll be better placed to know whether to use steam cleaning, dry carpet cleaning, or pressurized hot water extraction cleaning.

Property Coverage

Although much of our work takes place in residential properties throughout the Salt Lake City area, we’re equally well-versed in cleaning commercial properties in our community too. Our cleaners are happy to work on any kind of property, regardless of the scale or complexity of the work that they’re given – and you’ll get the same high standards wherever you’re based.

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