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Wasatch Carpet Cleaner

Carpet Cleaning Over 22 Years

cleaning the dirty rug

Keeping your property in a good condition is a difficult matter at times. Cumulative muck and dirt can build up before your very eyes, and yet it’s not especially noticeable because of the gradual nature of the process. This is especially true for carpets, rugs, and upholstery, since the blanket surface which has become faded or discolored doesn’t have an area that you can contrast it with easily. To keep your fabrics and surfaces looking vibrant and clean, you’re going to need the help of a professional carpet cleaning service.

You will notice the enormous difference before and after an intervention from a professional team – and needless to say, they’re even more impactful when it comes to stain removal service request. We can offer all of this to you and so much more.

About Us

At Wasatch Carpet Cleaner, we’ve forged a reputation as one of the leading carpet and upholstery cleaning services in the Salt Lake City, Utah area – and we are confident that you’ll be thrilled with the service quality that you receive from us. Our chief concern is to ensure each and every customer we serve is completely satisfied with the outcome that they receive, regardless of the exact nature of the service request. We’re happy to work in any kind of property, and given the broad expertise and deep wells of knowledge our team members exhibit, we’re certain that they’ll be able to manage anything you hand to us. If our technical quality isn’t enough to convince you, then our affordable pricing structures should be more than enough – we want to make sure that we’re offering the best of both worlds for our customers.

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    Our Services

    To make sure that we are able to comprehensively serve the needs of our customers, we’ve assembled a broad and redoubtable array of cleaning services. This approach has always worked in the past, and we can’t imagine that is going to change any time soon. We’re capable of assisting you with the cleaning of any type of size of carpet in your property, we work on the cleaning of rugs and upholstery, and we’re even happy to help with the tile installations you have too. Whether you’re looking for general cleaning, stain removal, or pet stain removal, our professional-grade equipment and experienced staff will be up to the challenge.

    vacuuming the carpet in the room
    Carpet Cleaning

    Carpets are an excellent addition to any property, thanks to their comfort, their style, and the warmth they bring to a space. Of course, they can lose their visual quality when they become stained or discolored after years of use. A professional carpet cleaning service will be able to get the carpet back into its best condition in a way that simply isn’t possible with home remedies. Naturally, we’re happy to provide these services for both residential and commercial properties.

    clean sofa in the room
    Upholstery Cleaning

    The upholstery on your furniture is critically important for both the practical and visual performance of the item. After all, who wants to sit on a sofa that’s covered in stains? Rather than replace furniture that has become discolored, you’re better off using our upholstery cleaning service to keep it in a good condition. This will save you bucketloads of money and ensure that your property’s interior continues to display excellence.

    spilled coffee on the rug
    Hard Stains

    It’s particularly alarming when an accident happens and you find a stain on your carpet, rug, or upholstery. Panic sets in and you might try to resolve the situation yourself, only to cause further damage. In this type of situation, your best bet is to bring in our stain removal service with all possible haste. We can remove even the most stubborn stains using our scientific methodology.

    cat is on the floor

    Pets are treasured family members, but they can cause havoc in a property – and they’re typically particularly damaging to fabrics and natural fibers that are the foundational material for carpets, upholstery, and rugs. If you believe that you need to live with a messy property because you have a pet, you’re wrong. Let us clear away the debris and muck to give you a space that you want to spend time in.

    nice lighting in the room

    There’s no substitute for a professional carpet and upholstery cleaning team in your property, but there are certainly some tips you can take on board to limit the deterioration taking place in your property. From acting more quickly and have deep cleans completed more frequently to not rubbing stains and avoiding unreliable home remedies, we’re here to help you any way we can.

    holding a blue brush

    We’re available to help with the cleaning of tiled surfaces in your property, and you can expect the same top quality results that you’d receive from our carpet cleaning experts. We’ll ensure your tiles look at their best, aren’t sheltering harmful bacteria and allergens, and that they’re not harmed during the cleaning process.

    Contact Our Team Today

    If you want the best of the best, you have found it. Learn more about our service provisions, our pricing structures, and the availability of our teams by speaking to our customer service representatives. We encourage you to call us or submit an inquiry to our email address at your convenience. Our contact information is readily available on our website whenever you are ready. Reach out to us as soon as possible and begin to benefit from our expertise.

    “Wasatch Carpet Cleaner has been a great service for me as a landlord. I know I can rely on them to get my properties’ carpets back into a good condition after even the messiest tenants – and they never charge me over the odds. Keep up the terrific work ladies and gents!” – Luke D.

    “I’ve been relying on Wasatch Carpet Cleaner for all my carpet cleaning needs for a few years now, and I’ll continue to do so. Very easy to schedule an appointment with, their staff clearly know what they’re doing, I’ve just never had any problems.” – Laura G.

    “My sister recommended Wasatch Carpet Cleaner to me and they’ve always done a standup job. Really professional and friendly people who clearly enjoy what they do – I couldn’t have asked for a better service.” – Dennis M.